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Querela pacis

After long months of expectation the CD Querela pacis has been released on the Pavian Records label. Peter Corlett is the author of the cover picture: Man in the Mud. The author of the photographs and graphic design is the same as on the CD Mater – Vladimír Yurkovic. Although the recording brings an atmosphere that is quite different from the previous CD Mater, we believe the listeners will enjoy it alike. The CD Querela pacis may already be purchased in Bratislava in Dr.Horák CD store, or on the address of the Indies Scope (, DVDBest (, or Vinyl World (

* * *

The recording of the piece Querela pacis on a CD took place in the Church of the Holy Family in Bratislava-Petržalka in July, 5–9, 2010. The label is Pavian Records. Otto Nopp (recording engineer), Ladislav Krajčovič (editor), Peter Zagar (recording director).

Performers: Emily Van Evera (soprano), Petra Noskaiová (alto), Tomáš Šelc (tenor), Miloš Valent (first violinist and artistic leader), Marcel Plavec (oboe, oboe da caccia), Martina Bernášková (flute), Rita Papp (harpsichord, organ), Zuzana Töröková (harp), Eduard Mikuláško (tubular bells), Cathedral Choir of St. Martin led by Dušan Bill, ensemble Solamente naturali, Andrew Parrott (conductor).

Andrew Parrott                                                                                         Emily Van Evera

Petra Noskaiová, Otto Nopp                        Tomáš  Šelc                       Andrew Parrott, Tomáš Šelc

Marcel Plavec        Marcel Plavec, Martina Bernášková        Miloš Valent                    Zuzana Töröková

Rita Papp                Ľubica Habart and violin section        Peter Vrbinčík, violas leader

Relaxed Michal Sťahel    Unorthodox techniques of the cello playing by Pavol Mucha                       

    Michal Vavro and his double-bass préparé                                                        Miloš Valent, Dušan Bill

the choir                                                       the composer in a discussion with the conductor and concertmaster

                                                                                              Pavol Maruščák, Pavian Records

Masters in the studio (picture in the middle, from the left): editor Ladislav Krajčovič,
the composer, sound director Peter Zagar, sound engineer Otto Nopp

Concert at the Pohoda festival: the disguised composer                  Hilda Gulyásová and Petra Noskaiová onstage

Some of the listeners endured the piece of their beloved author till the end.