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Antiquities 2011

A new movie Gypsy by Martin Šulík, director, had several “first performances” – a world premiere was on July 5, 2011 at the Film Festival Karlovy Vary, on July 12 a special premiere took place in Roma village Richnava, where the movie had been shot and inhabitants of which had participated in it. The following day a festive premiere was in Bratislava. After several years of working on significant and successful documentaries Šulík returns to fiction film, helped by a team of his favourite collaborators. His friend Vladimír Godár composed the film score. Look for the trailer on (

On Wednesday June 8, 2011 at around 8.00 am (US Eastern time) the first complete broadcasting of the CD Querela pacis took place on American radio wprb. You could listen to it online ( thanks to inexhaustible promoter of contemporary as well as early unknown music Marvin Rosen.

A talented violinist and viola player Milan Paľa performed two pieces by Vladimír Godár at the concert in the frame of the cycle Gallery of music in Nitra Gallery at the occasion of the International Day of Museums and Galleries on May 18, 2011. The listeners heard a viola version of O, Crux and Sonata for violin in an astonishing expressive rendering.

The first broadcasting of three movements from Querela pacis was realized on Sunday, April 17, 12.15 on the Radio Lumen. It was possible to listen to it also online The listeners had an opportunity to listen to the movements No. 7 – Psalmus. Domine exaudi, No. 8 – Lacrimosa and No. 9 – A Sad Pavan for these distracted times. We hope Vlado Godár’s music added to the festive atmosphere of Palm Sunday as well as of the whole Easter Week.

The long awaited CD Querela pacis with the music by Vladimír Godár was born!!!
We announce with pleasure to all fans of Vladimír Godár’s music that a new CD with magnificent music originated! For more info click on the webpage Querela pacis.

On the basis of the proposal of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic Vladimír Godár has been awarded the International Visegrad Prize for 2009. The prize was handed by the Minister of Culture of the SR Daniel Krajcer on April 7, 2011, in the presence of Ministers of Culture of the V4 countries, and a superb concert from Vladimír Godár’s orchestral music followed. The audience listened to his Concerto grosso and Little Suite for Little David. The orchestra Cappella Istropolitana was led by Peter Breiner, Stano Palúch and Jozef Lupták were the soloists in the second piece, whose version for violin and cello was premiered tonight. The performers were excellent, obviously the music amused them and the audience equally.

The Council for Science, Education and Culture of the Bishops Conference of Slovakia has conferred The Fra Angelico Award to Vladimír Godár to reward him for contributing Christian values to culture in Slovakia. The prize has been awarded on February 17, 2011.